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Thanks, it was very helpful & important for GATE.
Bhavesh Kapil
Thank you. Helped in my MBA a lot.
John Jase
Nice work sir.....earlier my teacher confused me but ur detailed explanation made it clear.
Shama Perveen
Sir, thanks a lot for all your help, your videos on Operations Research helped me solve all the sums in my exams. Initially I was worried whether I could make up with this subject or not but u made my day and once again thanks a lot.
Jitendra Malviya
Thanks for posting this.  It was a tremendous help with a Management Science assignment!  :-)
James Doty
Thank you so much. You are my Maths Hero!
John Jase
You've been really helpful if I get a 10 it would be because of your videos, thanks a lot!
Alex Plank
It is very clear and easy to understand. Keep it up and I appreciate your effort!
Sameera Senarathna
It's very helpful to understand!! thank u ! that graph u draw has helped alot to understand!
Jiani Wang
Tomorrow is my test and i m saying thanks a lots as this is the best tutorial among all. God bless u sir!
Bond Rulz
Thanks a lot. Your videos are time saver!
Alex Plank
This is one of the best videos on the internet!
Eddie Van Halen
Thanks a lot, even a small kid can learn if taught this way. Teachers should take a lesson how to teach after viewing this video.
Devashish Mishra
Liked it. Yah, really a lesson for all of us how to make things simple.
Ripu Daman Singh
During transportation lecture I was absent in class and teacher said that he will not explain transportation again. But now here I can repeat on and on, how many ever times I want.. :-)
Bidhut Karki